Elligno sign IT agreement to provide outsourcing services for a world leader in simulation

Use of simulation for training has become significant and has become a key tool in the training and assessing surgeons and offers an immersive, realistic way of learning technical skills. The project under development is a surgery simulator with haptic and tactile feedback using virtual reality computer programs to address a wide range of surgical and interventional procedures for training and assessing surgeons. Virtual reality simulators have been used to allow experts to plan complicated operations.

We are proud to contribute to the development of this project by providing consultant services in programming and support to the development of a module for data gathering. Also we will provide support in the development and the implementation of performance algorithm for the evaluation of the students.

Elligno offers both flexibility in terms of competency by combining information technology expertise and scientific consultancy (knowledge), allows our client to focus on his core competency.

About Elligno Inc.

Elligno Inc. is a Montreal-based consulting company specializes in actively applied use of information technology and physics modeling in industrial applications. We are committed to our customers in technology products development and process through innovation to make businesses more competitive. Answers companies’ special needs in consulting services (high tech consultant (Highly qualified multi-disciplinary professional) double competency: IT and science). to sustain industrial

Elligno is contributing to the expansion of scientific knowledge

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