Lessons Learned from a Scientific Code Refactoring

Scientific code refactoring using Object-Oriented Numeric   I have been working on the refactoring of one of our numerical libraries using Object-Oriented Numeric methodology. I learned a lot about developing architecture to support a flexible programming environment. I will discuss some of the lessons I learned over the years working on this project.  “Object-Oriented Programming” and […]

Scientific Software Development (Dam Break Simulation) 

Scientific Software Project I’ve been working on a scientific software development project for many years. This scientific software development project was inspired by my work in a technology transfer (University-Industry) and my experience in different software development projects in ndustrial simulation applications. Prototype Physics Algorithm Project in open channel flow simulation (validate mathematical model on […]

Scientific 3D Programmer

Large scale refactoring (Math 3D programmer)  Scientific 3D programmer project in video game industry (math 3D programming). Major upgrade (High performance math3D library) to allow the deprecation of obsolete 3D Math library still supported in the Core Engine System (convert math type from one Math API to another one).  The mathematical library is the heart […]

Contractual agreement of programming consultant services

The field of application is in passenger transport by train. The application is written in C++ under Windows OS (Visual Studio 2010 IDE).

Development of a Transport Software Management Application

Mandate for the development of dispatch system solutions for trucking fleets to manage taks such as tracking orders, efficient dispatch and delivery report

Elligno Sign an Outsourcing Services Agreement in Virtual Reality

We are excited to announce the consulting services agreement for the upgrade of interior design application to a new platform for 3D display, immersive, and interactive Virtual Reality.

Elligno sign IT agreement to provide outsourcing services for a world leader in simulation

Elligno will retain responsibility for its programming expertise in C++, software development as well as the development of applications linked to the company’s surgery simulator R&D project.

Web site launching

We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. The new site has a modern layout and design and with this redesign we will be able to carry our message forward (In Business of Being The Best).