Elligno Inc. is a Montreal-based consulting and software development company. It specializes in the applied use of information technology and scientific modeling in industrial application. Elligno has delivered personalized services for our clients in Quebec and Ontario, such as custom simulation software, consultation, or any other services that meets client’s needs and budgets. Elligno’s broad knowledge and expertise allow us to offer you leading-edge technologies.

IKEA Virtual Reality Extract

I’m currently working on updating of an interior designer application, used by multinational furniture giant, to a 2nd generation version powered with state-of-the-art technology provided with Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

Computer-generated real-time surgical simulation

Worked on the development of a data gathering library to assess student performance in a surgery simulation environment.

Modeling And Simulation of Electro-Optical Sensor Systems

I’m currently working on a military project as a Software System Engineer (training system) of UAS (Unnamed Aerospace System). The software system is currently utilized for training systems supporting military, defense and security forces.

Refactoring a Legacy Code Towards C++11

I am currently working on the refactoring of a legacy code with main application in Open Channel Flow simulation. The program is written with C language and using a procedural approach. In its actual version, the code is not easy to modify or even add new functionality.

GUI Development

We are working on the first implementation of the GUI for the DamBreak++ physics simulator. Add functionality and make sure the features that are there work as expected. We are using the Qt framework development tool.

FPSC (Forest Products Sector Council)

We provided various types of IT infrastructure services, including end-user device support, service desk, and local area network (network system maintenance and IT consulting services).

Elligno Inc.

Development of a scientific framework for physics modeling. It is essentially a collection of C++ classes organized in libraries based on Object-Oriented framework, using classes at a high abstraction level that can be easily extended to accelerate the development of physics simulator. The libraries are especially constructed for rapid prototyping of simulators for new problems using classes at a high abstraction level. The software features modern concepts of software engineering and programming techniques.

Hexagram UQAM

Technical lead for a 3D simulator in the domain of art. Worked on art director graphics product written in C++ and Open Inventor to solve quality issues and prepare the product for final release.

Cofomo Inc.

Programmer-analyst, work on the migration of a financial application (client-server, multi-thread) for credit card transaction (Window to Unix) for a transportation authority. Analyst-Programmer C++ for an Air management Traffic System (bugs fix, software evaluation and recommendation on terrain representation).

Entreprises Barrette Ltee

Developed a 2D log processing optimization system, to detect wane on rough hardwood lumber, for small-scale sawmills to maximize cuts (profits). The algorithm used log scan data (geometric and visual) is transmitted to an optimization computer where the optimum solution is determined. This library featured an open architecture (an object-oriented library), improving drastically on traditional technique.