We have experience with working with broad range of customers, from small size to some of international largest companies. Perfect fit for type of project which requires technical expertise and analysis; We can deliver services both onsite, this may include working within client set parameters or remotely depending on client needs.

IT Consulting And Scientific Consulting

Our services are categorized into IT consulting and Scientific consulting:

20 years of experience developing applications in various areas including: computational physics, virtual reality (3D modeling), biotechnology (molecular imaging) and real-time physics 3D.

IT Consulting

  • Programming expertise with languages and developing stand-alone application
  • Software development using C++ for effective object-oriented coding
  • Experience developing technical software used by others and strong foundation in software engineering practice
  • Extensive experience in the implementation of software products on a variety of platforms and environments including PC’s, workstations
  • 15+ years of proven experience designing and developing large scale systems using the latest technologies. Input related to OO/C++ idioms and patterns, performance issues
  • Expertise in software project migration (OS, application plateform, language)

Scientific Consulting

Technology consultant able of applying scientific knowledge to bring innovative solutions to complex problems. We have developed technology products to support our customers R&D efforts to solve critical strategic and tactical issues (technical) projects. Perfect candidate for project which requires technical expertise, algorithm development (software applications that combine advanced mathematics and algorithms) and good analytical skills.

  • Experienced in physics-based simulation (numerical method and scientific library)
  • Experienced in 3D modeling (physics 3D) with third party library and engine
  • Algorithm development for math intensive problems in numerical simulations
  • High-level mathematical, engineering and scientific support to solve complex problems
  • Develop physics library of scientific programs using an object-oriented approach