Scientific Consulting

Experience and knowledge in physics, mathematics and computer science, among other expertises. Committed to our customers through innovation to make businesses more competitive by developing technology applications based on physical modeling and engineering sciences. Projects can be undertaken at clients’ facilities as well as at ours.

Consulting services include

  • Consulting of physics modeling/simulation and scientific programming
  • Algorithm development for mathematically intensive problems in numerical simulations
  • Physics 3D/AI elements (rigid-body dynamics, mathematical libraries, linear algebra solvers)
  • Provides high-level mathematical, engineering or scientific support to solve complex technical problems
  • High-performance scientific computing in C/C++ and FORTRAN90/95, (OON: Object-Oriented Numerics)
  • Draft and assess R&D strategic goals and operational objectives

Simulation And Scientific Programming

TechnologyFieldApplication domainStatus
Numerical Simulation programmingCoded advanced CFD numerical algorithms in Computational physicsTransfer technology project (University-Industry) in Open Channel Flow simulationyears ago
Physics Algorithm programmingDeveloped a physics modeling library.for a variety of applicationsMedical simulation and defense domain (map projection global positioning system)currently applied
Math programmingLinear algebra, 3D APIcurrently applied physics 3D simulation as well2 years ago
3D programming3rd party API based on OpenGLCAE in-house libraryused in the defense domain and virtual reality. physics 3D modeling2 years ago
Video StreamingGStreamer GNUTransportation video surveillanceyear ago
Image processingHalcon imagingSawmill industry defect tracking algo5 years ago

Elligno Is Actively Contributing To The Expansion of Scientific Knowledge