Sawmill Industry

Project: Imagery defect tracking (computer vision programming)

Client : Barette Chapais Ltee

Technologies: C#, Halcon, .Net, scientific numerical programming

Industry : (sawmill facility) (lumber …)

Project Imagery processing (sawmills industry)
Wrote image processing software using third party library (Halcon) and .Net framework for a sawmill company. Programs written feature an algorithm and image concepts, defined as a sequence of instructions that operates on a set of input image, transforming that information into an output image that is of interest to the user. Developed a useful GUI for rapidly debugging code.


Because of hardwood breakdown of hardwood logs into lumber produces boards with rough surface. These boards contain wane (missing wood du to the curved log exterior) that is removed by edge and trim cuts prior to sale. Because hardwood lumber value is determined using a combination of board size and quality, knowledge of wane position and defects is essential for selecting cuts that maximize profit.

********************UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Below some the images showing wane location … to be completed