Industrial Physicist

Companies are investing more in research and development (R&D) and innovation developing technology products to sustain productivity and competitiveness. Technology products require highly trained individuals (multi-disciplinary) with skills built upon computing, mathematics, physics, to turn science into industrial applications.

Industrial Physicist takes place at the forefront of this new economy who has developed strong analytical and problem-solving skills from academic background, but also a technical mindset of learning and adapting himself to modern technology.

I have been involved in various technology product development projects. I have compiled the list below where my expertise in scientific programming and simulation was used and covers a broad range of industrial applications.

Simulation Industry

IKEA prototyped the feasibility of using virtual reality to achieve higher truly three-dimensional (3D) of the interior design of a kitchen. This technology product will allow people to not only experience a full 360° view, but to also experience walking around the virtual models and feel measurement.

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Sawmill Industry

Tracking wood defect by image processing. Hardwood sawmills’ major problem is optimizing the cuts for each board. Tasks are human based, but it is something that could be automated by using technology product. Surface Defect Detection by image processing technology is adapted for this task.

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Biotechnology Industry

ART (Advanced Research Technologies) Inc., develops and commercializes molecular imaging products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Project Type: Mathematical programming (physics modeling) Refactored a package with a modular approach and fats-floating point operation features (fit and optimization problem), the algorithm was more than twice as fast as the original.

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Environmental Industry

Numerical simulation in Open Channel Flow with main application in the production of Hydroelectricity. This use case made of any difficulties when simulating this kind of physics phenomena. The goal was to make a benchmark problem to validate numerical algorithm on a complex case. The river reach was selected for the complexity of its river flow and the quality of the field data available.

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