Elligno Sign an Outsourcing Services Agreement in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology holds enormous potential to change the future for several fields, from medicine, business, architecture to manufacturing. The integration of VR (virtual reality) in the interior design application is to create high quality VR (virtual reality) experience to enhance the experience of designing your own kitchen. This virtual environment will allow people to not only experience a full 360° view, but to also experience walking around the virtual models and able to amplify the user’s experience by adding the feeling of measurement.

Project: prototype the feasibility of using virtual reality to achieve higher truly three-dimensional (3D) of the interior design of a kitchen;

Elligno will provides programming services (algorithm and math3D). Elligno delivers the industry and technology expertise required to support in areas of 3D modeling. Our ability to combine scientific and programming skills is essential and we are proud of our global capability to provide high quality service to this project.

About Elligno Inc.

Elligno Inc. is a Montreal-based consulting company specializes in actively applied use of information technology and physics modeling in industrial applications. Answers companies’ special needs in consulting services to sustain industrial technology products development and process through innovation that make businesses more competitive.

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