Development of a Transport Software Management Application

Our mandate is to develop a software platform to help dispatcher in its everyday task and decisions by providing tools to automates load assignments, process delivery report, and integrate with dispatch software to create an efficient workflow communication system. A graphical User Interface (GUI) will be provided to make the program easier to use and assist visually the dispatcher with common task such as to quickly match loads to trucks, pre-assign loads, track out-of-service for drivers and manage driver schedules and route optimization. Automatization become the central part of the dispatch process and loading optimization to reduce cost for transport companies. Optimizing this process will result in maximizing profitability, improve efficiency by reducing errors due to human handling, loss of time and performance of the supply chain by increasing service quality or to improve service delivery.

Dispatcher challenges

  • Assigning the right orders to the right drivers;
  • Avoiding missing deadlines or arriving late, as well as neglecting a delivery;
  • Optimizing the trailer loads;
  • Optimizing the routing (at the heart of the business);
  • Tracking operations and delivery status;

Elligno Inc. is a transfer technology company with mission to help our customer in their effort to develop technology products that make them more profitable, competitive and efficient. Our expertise is focused on software development which target scientific application in industrial context.

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