Cofomo Inc.

Programmer-analyst, work on the migration of a financial application (client-server, multi-thread) for credit card transaction (Window to Unix) for a transportation authority. Analyst-Programmer C++ for an Air management Traffic System (bugs fix, software evaluation and recommendation on terrain representation).

Entreprises Barrette Ltee

Developed a 2D log processing optimization system, to detect wane on rough hardwood lumber, for small-scale sawmills to maximize cuts (profits). The algorithm used log scan data (geometric and visual) is transmitted to an optimization computer where the optimum solution is determined. This library featured an open architecture (an object-oriented library), improving drastically on traditional technique.

Autolog Inc.

Optimization problem: find the best solution in log optimization (cuts). Real-time network application programming for a sawmill facility. Integrated a real-time network applications, serves as a backbone in sawmill facility (transformation of logs into boards) to find an optimal solution to select cuts that maximize profit.


Consultant services to provide support for the design and the implementation of new functionalities for a real-time surgical simulator, a complete training solution to surgeons. Developed algorithms for data gathering based on surgeon-specific data collected while using this system (compute statistics and measure for global evaluation or performance of the student).

CaspianOne Ltd (Morgan Stanley)

Computational finance or risk management development – build and maintain the applications which manage the firm’s credit risk. Give support to traders by developing tools for report production, monitoring computer task and compute statistic.

Web site launching

We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. The new site has a modern layout and design and with this redesign we will be able to carry our message forward (In Business of Being The Best).

Boost and STL

For this first tips and tricks we present an example from our C++ environment “Elligno Virtual Physics Studio”.

Boost range library

Some basic tests with boost range library

Square Root computation

Make use of metaprogram to compute the square root.

C++ Scientific Programming

We present a piece of code taken from our programming environment.