C++ Scientific Programming

Interface speak by them self.

void DamBreakSim::run()



// Define the classes that are used to execute the simulation

Sfx::PhySystem* w_phySystem=NULL;         // physics system

Sfx::IPhysConfiguration* w_dbSetup=NULL;   // configure system

Sfx::IPhysAlgorithm* w_phyAlgo=NULL;       // physics algorithm

Sfx::IPhyMeasurement* w_phyMeasure=NULL;   // physics measure

Sfx::IFileDataStore* w_dataStore=NULL;     // data store

Sfx::IFinalReport* w_finalReport=NULL;     // report simulation

// ==============================================

// Initialization phase (setup initial condition)

// ==============================================

// create the section flow for this simulation

// Number of section correspond to the number of grid node

// Section flow (unit width) for this simulation

// with flat bottom (z=0) and frictionless

std::set<Hyd::SectionFlow> w_setofSectFlow;

Complete code taken from DamBreak++ Physics Simulator  C++ScientificProgramming

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