Physics Modeling

Physics Programmer

——— Project: DamBreak Physics Simulator

Developing a physics library with main application in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) specifically in Open Channel Flow Simulation. DamBreak++ is an application that it is expected to facilitate and accelerate the development of benchmarking numerical algorithm. It provides extreme conditions to assess the numerical stability of the model.

I am currently re-factoring the simulator code to obtain a more scalable and maintainable new generation (first release).

My task includes:
1. Migrating prototype to a new version of the Visual Studio (VS2012 with C++11);
2. Performed manual testing as needed, create test cases and defect recorded;
3. Set up a guideline and policies for automation unit testing, integrate a documentation tool;
4. Working on the development of a GUI to facilitate testing and configure simulation;
5. Software architecture (define system high level abstraction), documentation of these structures;
6. Write scientific report (present simulation result, physics algorithm and software architecture);

Technologies: numerical simulation using Finite, Optimization technique (Numerical programming/data structure), C++, OO

— Project Physics 3D Demo

 Physics 3D library for the simulation of rigid-body. Prototyping environment where user can experiment different implementation or third-party physics library such as Newton Dynamics, ODE (Open Dynamic Engine);

  1. Implementing a Math3D library (linear algebra) feature efficient math operation (fast-floating point operation). The library feature mathematical abstraction for manipulating 3D entity easily, an Object-Oriented approach in the implementation of mathematical structure (data), such as rotation, vector calculus.
  2. Physics 3D simulator Re-factored a simulation code to obtain a more scalable and maintainable new generation;

Technology used: OpenGL, Open Scene Graph (OSG), Open Dynamic Engine (ODE), C++, OO

CFD Developer (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Set up a collaborative work effort (University-Industry) for cautioning mathematical models in the hydraulics field (Technology Transfer Initiative for the hydro-electricity industry). Solve a complex problem in industry (river flow) to validate mathematical model on a real-case (river located in the north of Quebec) in the field of Open Channel Flow. The flow in a river at different conditions may be simulated on the computer. That means that the key features of the physical phenomena involved may be studied under a wide range of conditions by performing numerical simulations for a corresponding range of parameters values, such as discharge.

more details «Application»

Technologies: numerical simulation using Finite Element/Finite Difference programming techniques

Software Analyst (Physics Modeling)

The project consists of building a simulator (training system) for ADATS operator. The software was developed in distributed object environment using a COM framework in multi-language (FORTRAN95/C++) environment. I worked on the integration of a rigid-body library in CAE STRIVE framework (real-time simulation environment). Analyzed existing software (rigid-body library) and made recommendations regarding re-use of some parts. I worked in the integration of this

Technologies: C++, OO, Fortran95


  • An Example of a C++ class Implementation Of Euler Angles

    Tips and Tricks

    C++ has many features which make this language very attractive for scientific programming, and one of them is the operator overload functionality. I present an example taken from our programming environment (math3D library) that use this to represent a rotation class (Euler angles).
  • IKEA Virtual Reality Extract


    I’m currently working on updating of an interior designer application, used by multinational furniture giant, to a 2nd generation version powered with state-of-the-art technology provided with Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

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