Simulation Industry

Virtual Reality

Developed a prototype using Virtual Reality in for the next generation of an interior design application.

Below meshing of the complete room (floor, cabinet, …)

FBX autodesk API to create the meshing …

FbxNode* RoomExtract2FbxApp::createRoomStuff(FbxManager* g_SdkManager, FbxScene* pScene)
#if _DEBUG
	std::cout << "Creating the Items_Floor (whole cabinet)n";

	// create room scene graph of the room from AxsCompleteRoom model
	using namespace std;
	using json = nlohmann::json;

	// no attribute represent a group node
	FbxNode* w_roomNode = FbxNode::Create(g_SdkManager, "RoomStuff");
	assert(nullptr == w_roomNode->GetNodeAttribute());

	// 0: index (World container) of RoomStuff
	// m_jsonObject["object"]["children"][0]["children"] -> this is the world
	const unsigned int w_worldIdx = 0; // RoomStuff (FVSLoadItem)
	json::string_t w_roomStuffName = m_jsonObject["object"]["children"][0]["children"][0]["name"];
	assert(std::string("RoomStuff") == w_roomStuffName);

	// room object
	json w_roomStuff = m_jsonObject["object"]["children"][0]["children"][0]; // "RoomStuff"
	json::array_t w_roomArray = w_roomStuff["children"]; // array of all groups of the RoomStuff 

	// call create group
	if (w_roomStuff["children"].is_array()) // first children
		// start from top children node and traverse the to leaf
		createGroup(w_roomStuff["children"], w_roomNode); // positionned at no name 
	return w_roomNode;

IKEA is evaluating bringing more realism in the interior design with the help virtual reality that will allow people to not only experience a full 360° view, but to also experience walking around the virtual models and feel measurement.See video on ’YouTube’.

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