Industrial Physicist

Companies are investing more into research and development (R&D) and innovation developing technology products to sustain productivity and competitiveness. The domain of applications is large and cover wide range of industrial settings. These technology products require highly trained individuals with skills built upon a background of computing, mathematics, physics, and turning science into industrial applications.

Industrial Physicist takes place at the forefront of this new economy. Academic training who has developed a strong analytical and problem-solving skills, but also a technical mindset of learning and adapt himself to new technology. For example, in many situations those products simulate, or compute values by turning algorithms into code which rely on computer program. Physicist must adapt themselves to software development practices and know-how and learn programming languages.

For the last 20 years I have been working in the private sector playing many roles such as software engineer, analyst, programmer, or tech lead. I have been involved in various technology product development projects. I have compiled the list below where my expertise in scientific programming and simulation was used and cover a broad range of industrial applications.

Simulation Industry

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Sawmill Industry

Tracking wood defect by image processing.

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Biotechnology Industry

Molecular imaging

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Environmental Industry

Physics modeling of a real case (Hydro-electricity)

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