Tableaux Expertises Techniques

Développement Logiciel

Software Development15 et plus d’expérience dans le design et le développement d’applications utilisant la technologie Orientée-Objet et patrons de conception.
Expérimenté en programmation scientifique utilisant OO / C ++, bibliothèques numériques, techniques de programmation pour les problèmes de performances.
Architecture and DesignExperienced in Object-Oriented architecture integration using design patterns to develop reusable software component or module (particularly targeting scientific software application) in large scale systems as well as smaller stand-alone systems.
Software development processExperienced in the use of Agile, SCRUM approaches to the software lifecycle to release quality products on time. Use and conduct code peer revues to establish best practices among team.
Best practicesUtilize proven design patterns, custom libraries/components, and 3rd party libraries, to produce highly modular and quality code.

Langages de Programmation

C++15 yearsUtilise présentement
C++11/14/175 yearsUtilise présentement
Java1 yearUsed a year ago
Perl2 yearsUsed 4 years ago
FORTRAN 90/957 yearsUsed 4 years ago
STL C++ 11/14/174 yearsUtilise présentement
Mathematica, R3 yearsUtilise présentement
Object-Oriented programming10 yearsUtilise présentement

Simulation et Programmation Scientifique

TechnologyFieldApplication domainStatus
Numerical Simulation programmingCoded advanced CFD numerical algorithms in Computational physicsTransfer technology project (University-Industry) in Open Channel Flow simulationMany years ago
Physics Algorithm programmingDeveloped a physics modeling library.for a variety of applicationsMedical simulation and defense domain (map projection global positioning system)currently applied
Math programmingLinear algebra, 3D APIcurrently applied physics 3D simulation as wellUsed 2 years ago
3D programming3rd party API based on OpenGLCAE in-house libraryused in the defense domain and virtual reality. physics 3D modelingUsed 2 years ago
Video StreamingGStreamer GNUTransportation video surveillance1 year ago
Image processingHalcon imagingSawmill industry defect tracking algo5 years ago

Librairies et Pratiques

Unit testGoogle unit test, VS unit test frameworkUtilise présentement
Scientific libraryNumerical Recipes in C++, Boost Ublas, StdUtilise présentement
Object-Oriented programmingStandard LibraryUtilise présentement
3D modelingOSG (Open Scene Graph), OpenGL, Autodesk FBXUsed 2 years ago
GUI DevelopmentQT and QML, Java Swing, Win32 APIUtilise présentement
Agile, Scrum, KanbanJira, Rallye, Azure DevOpsUtilise présentement
BoostPointer container, string algorithm, algorithm adaptor, …Utilise présentement
UMLEnterprise ArchitectUtilise présentement
DocumentationDoxygen, markdown, pandoc, LatexUtilise présentement
IDEVS, Netbeans, eclipse, visual studio codeUtilise présentement