Elligno Inc. is a Montreal-based consulting and software development company. It specializes in the applied use of information technology and scientific modeling in industrial application. Elligno has delivered personalized services for our clients in Quebec and Ontario, such as custom simulation software, consultation, or any other services that meets client’s needs and budgets. Elligno’s broad knowledge and expertise allow us to offer you leading-edge technologies.

Autolog Inc.

Optimization problem: find the best solution in log optimization (cuts). Real-time network application programming for a sawmill facility. Integrated a real-time network applications, serves as a backbone in sawmill facility (transformation of logs into boards) to find an optimal solution to select cuts that maximize profit.


Consultant services to provide support for the design and the implementation of new functionalities for a real-time surgical simulator, a complete training solution to surgeons. Developed algorithms for data gathering based on surgeon-specific data collected while using this system (compute statistics and measure for global evaluation or performance of the student).

CaspianOne Ltd (Morgan Stanley)

Computational finance or risk management development – build and maintain the applications which manage the firm’s credit risk. Give support to traders by developing tools for report production, monitoring computer task and compute statistic.