Physics Modeling Of The Dam-Break Problem

We give an example how to program a physics simulator using our programming environment or framework (Simulation System). The sample application is setup to simulate wave propagation (nonlinear flow with shocks) in the so-called dam break problem in a horizontal channel without friction under Newton’s Law of Gravity.

The Cookbook Recipes

The following steps outline how to develop a physics simulator using the Framework.

  1. Create a Physical Simulator by sub-classing the appropriate system object
  2. Provide an implementation for IPhysicalConfiguration
  3. Provide an implementation for IPhysicalAlgorithm
  4. Provide an implementation for IPhysicalMeasurement
  5. A Data Source to store physical measurement information
  6. If specified, a Final Report for statistic, visualizing the solution, etc…

 This is expressed by the following diagram below:






Code Snippets

DamBreak Simulator Run Method


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