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Elligno Inc. (June 2006 – ongoing)

Founder and Independent Contractor

As a founder of the company, I have been working as consultant and contractor in the IT industry to develop and support company in their project and business product development.

  • As a consultant, I have applied my skills for solving challenging real-world problems in industrial application using technologies such as vision computer, real-time simulation and 3D modeling.
  1. Image processing algorithm based on image recognition and edge detection (sawmill industry);
  2. Data gathering algorithm for real-time surgery simulator training system (health care industry);
  3. Optimization of a Set design 3D application (Art director 3D graphics);
  • Worked as a contractor for small and large sized organization to support development of existing applications; experience involving designing, development, testing, implementation and support of applications using C++/FORTRAN, Sybase, and Unix Perl scripting, AUTOSYS batch scheduling to automate process workflow.
  1. Scientific programmer responsible of the math library: (Biotechnology molecular imaging);
  2. Software developer C++/3D create a 3D environment: (Virtual reality 3D modeling);
  3. System software developer to integrate sensor model: (Military training system);
  4. System software analyst supporting trading system: (Financial banking investment);

Technologies C++11/14, design pattern, Boost, STL, OpenGL, OSG, Autodesk FBX, Qt, real-time, Perl

 Oerlikon Contraves Inc. (October 2005 – June 2006)

Software Systems Analyst

St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec (Canada)

Analyzed an existing software (rigid-body library) and made recommendations regarding re-use of some parts (based on budget and time line). I worked in the integration of this library in CAE STRIVE framework. Programmed new class (cross-language:FORTRAN/C++) by using new features of FORTRAN95 language.

Technologie: C++, OO idioms and patterns, FORTRAN77/95, UML

ART Inc. (February 2005 – September 2005)

Applied Research Physicist (Molecular Imaging)

Ville St-Laurent, Quebec (Canada)

Re-designed the curve fit library architecture and promoted modular approach by developing an easy-to-use programming API. This new version of the library featured: efficient and robust optimization for fast floating point operation, extensible class hierarchies that let user readily implement new algorithms.

Technologies: OO, C++, Boost, STL, UML, math. algorithm programming, NR C++

CAE Inc. (November 2000 – May 2004)

Software Developer

Ville St-Laurent, Quebec (Canada)

Responsible for the maintenance, product development of the 3D engine library as part of the Core Technology Department. Act as a technical lead and principal developer on all of Military’s Synthetic Environment Data Representation and Interchange Specification (SEDRIS).

In charge of the development of 3D engine library/terrain representation and the mathematical library used for Global Positioning System;

Acted as a technical lead to define database format for terrain representation including map projection;

Coordinated meetings across department in regard with schedule, planning and work plan;

Develop prototype and architecture for new concepts and technology that would eventually be used by other department;

Implemented an atmosphere model;

“Coordinate Transformation Services” J. Belanger , API Specification Document (April 2004) CAE Inc.

Technologies C++, OO, real-time simulation, UML, 3D programming, math. programming


Bachelor degree in Physics, University of Montreal (1990)

Master Degree in Physics, University of Montreal (1993)

Student at Ph. D. Physics level (Computational Physics) (1998)


  • An Example of a C++ class Implementation Of Euler Angles

    Tips and Tricks

    C++ has many features which make this language very attractive for scientific programming, and one of them is the operator overload functionality. I present an example taken from our programming environment (math3D library) that use this to represent a rotation class (Euler angles).
  • IKEA Virtual Reality Extract


    I’m currently working on updating of an interior designer application, used by multinational furniture giant, to a 2nd generation version powered with state-of-the-art technology provided with Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

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