IT Consulting

Multiple projects that we have undertaken over the years using numerous languages and technologies reflect our problem solving ability by utilizing the most suitable technology for the task. We have always been quick to take advantage of emerging tools, technology, and languages, and has adapted to the evolving requirements of business.

Below some of the technologies that we have experience with

• Computer Vision Halcon (vision library) ;

Network Programming real-timel (TCP/IP);

Input related to OO/C++ idioms and patterns, performance issues;

3D Modeling, Open Scene Graph, OpenGL;

UML (Unified Modeling Process) and Design Patterns;

Boost Library, STL (Standard Template Library);

Software Development

15+ years of proven experience designing and developing large scale systems using the latest technologies. Input related to OO/C++ idioms and patterns, performance issues.

Architecture and Design

Experienced in object-oriented designs and patterns in client-server as well as smaller stand-alone systems.

Software development process

Experienced in the use of Agile, SCRUM and software lifecycle to release quality products on time. Use and conduct code peer revues to establish best practices among team.

Best practices

Utilize proven design patterns, custom libraries/components, and 3rd party libraries, to produce highly modular and quality code.


Actively listen to clients, write clear and concise documentation.

Business analyst

10+ years of simulation industry experience, understand the terms and needs of simulation clients. Good analytical skills.

Programming Languages


Third-party library

Software development Tools

  • Physics/Scientific ;
    • MTL (Matrix Template Library),
    • Boost Ublas (linear algebra), linear algebra solvers;
    • Numerical Recipes in C++,


  • An Example of a C++ class Implementation Of Euler Angles

    Tips and Tricks

    C++ has many features which make this language very attractive for scientific programming, and one of them is the operator overload functionality. I present an example taken from our programming environment (math3D library) that use this to represent a rotation class (Euler angles).
  • IKEA Virtual Reality Extract


    I’m currently working on updating of an interior designer application, used by multinational furniture giant, to a 2nd generation version powered with state-of-the-art technology provided with Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

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