• In this news page we will recent information about scientific computing (latest advancement). Physics modeling has become an inevitable research area focusing on the development and usage of computational methods to solve problems in science and engineering. Scientific computing, including modeling and simulation, has become crucial for research problems that are not solvable by traditional theoretical and experimental approaches, hazardous to study in the laboratory, or time-consuming or expensive to solve by traditional means.

CaspianOne Ltd (Morgan Stanley)


Computational finance or risk management development – build and maintain the applications which manage the firm’s credit risk. Give support to traders by developing tools for report production, monitoring computer task and compute statistic.

Web site launching


We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. The new site has a modern layout and design and with this redesign we will be able to carry our message forward (In Business of Being The Best).

Boost and STL

Tips and Tricks

For this first tips and tricks we present an example from our C++ environment “Elligno Virtual Physics Studio”.

Boost range library

Tips and Tricks

Some basic tests with boost range library

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