• In this news page we will recent information about scientific computing (latest advancement). Physics modeling has become an inevitable research area focusing on the development and usage of computational methods to solve problems in science and engineering. Scientific computing, including modeling and simulation, has become crucial for research problems that are not solvable by traditional theoretical and experimental approaches, hazardous to study in the laboratory, or time-consuming or expensive to solve by traditional means.

C++ scientific code snippet

Tips and Tricks

An example of how STL (Standard Template Library) can be used to write scientific code. In our programming environment we make an extensive use of this kind of technique. From our experience, it helps to write better code that is easier to understand and less error prone.

Basic Things worth Knowing About Bind Adapter

Tips and Tricks

C++11 added a new adapter called bind (bind1st and bind2nd are now deprecated since C++11). I give some hands-on examples of everyday life usage as a scientific programmer of this adapter.

Creating Pair of Objects Using Boost Range and Lambda

Tips and Tricks

We present a little example of the use of boost range and the lambda expression, supported by C++11, that show manipulating range is made easy and don’t need extra programming of function for simple task.

Modeling And Simulation of Electro-Optical Sensor Systems


I’m currently working on a military project as a Software System Engineer (training system) of UAS (Unnamed Aerospace System). The software system is currently utilized for training systems supporting military, defense and security forces.

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