• Worked as Software Engineer System (financial application). Member of the trade-support group, responsible for monitoring and supporting the technical and operational stability of the firm’s proprietary trading systems;

• Developed a library for data collection system to quantitatively measure surgeon motor behavior in the operating room;

• Ported an client-server application for a credit card/bank payment transactions from Win API to Unix IBM AIX (project with critical deadlines);

• Designed and implemented an object-oriented library to detect wane on rough hardwood lumber. This library featured an open architecture using OO, improving drastically on traditional technique;

• Set up a collaborative work effort (University-Industry) for cautioning mathematical models in the hydraulics field (Technology Transfer Initiative for the hydro-electricity industry);

• Developed graphics software with visualization capabilities of a circuit model from an input file, thus greatly simplifying the task of manipulating, visualizing and testing the circuit components (GRSplits);

• Re-factored (API) package for an optimization problem (non-linear shape fitting). The algorithm was more than twice as fast as the original;

• Established a high-level architecture (provide rapid prototyping environment to build simulator). The core business is computational physics;

Scientific Programming

Physics Modeling 


Technical Reports




  • An Example of a C++ class Implementation Of Euler Angles

    Tips and Tricks

    C++ has many features which make this language very attractive for scientific programming, and one of them is the operator overload functionality. I present an example taken from our programming environment (math3D library) that use this to represent a rotation class (Euler angles).
  • IKEA Virtual Reality Extract


    I’m currently working on updating of an interior designer application, used by multinational furniture giant, to a 2nd generation version powered with state-of-the-art technology provided with Virtual Reality (VR) headset.
  • Development of a Transport Software Management Application


    Mandate for the development of dispatch system solutions specifically designed for trucking fleets to manage transportation activity including tracking orders, efficient dispatch and route optimization. Goal is to optimize inbound and/or outbound transportation operations.

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