Scientific and technical consultant for a financial company;

Major port of a real-time video monitoring application used by Montreal Public Transit (STM). Fix important issues: efficiency, rendering to improve stability of the console;

Ported/adapted a 3D application (scene graph data model of an interior design room) from proprietary format to Autodesk FBX format that is supported by Virtual Reality engine;

System Software Engineer for a leader in training simulation to develop and integrate sensor model supporting military, defense and security forces;

Worked as Software Engineer System (financial application). Member of the trade-support group, responsible for monitoring and supporting the technical and operational stability of the firm’s proprietary trading systems;

Developed a library for data collection system to quantitatively measure surgeon motor behavior in the operating room;

Ported an client-server application for a credit card/bank payment transactions from Win API to Unix IBM AIX (project with critical deadlines);

Designed and implemented an object-oriented library to detect wane on rough hardwood lumber. This library featured an open architecture using OO, improving drastically on traditional technique;

Set up a collaborative work effort (University-Industry) for cautioning mathematical models in the hydraulics field (Technology Transfer Initiative for the hydro-electricity industry);

Developed graphics software with visualization capabilities of a circuit model from an input file, thus greatly simplifying the task of manipulating, visualizing and testing the circuit components (GRSplits);

Re-factored (API) package for an optimization problem (non-linear shape fitting). The algorithm was more than twice as fast as the original;

Established a high-level architecture (provide rapid prototyping environment to build simulator). The core business is computational physics;



  • An Example of a C++ class Implementation Of Euler Angles

    Tips and Tricks

    C++ has many features which make this language very attractive for scientific programming, and one of them is the operator overload functionality. I present an example taken from our programming environment (math3D library) that use this to represent a rotation class (Euler angles).
  • IKEA Virtual Reality Extract


    I’m currently working on updating of an interior designer application, used by multinational furniture giant, to a 2nd generation version powered with state-of-the-art technology provided with Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

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